Uniform Information


I. Uniform Rental Fees

Uniform fees are paid to Chicora Voices at the beginning of each season ($45.00 for Cadet and Prelude; $60.00 for Boys, Girls, Young Men and Young Women). Uniform fees are not included in tuition. The fee covers fitting, alterations, mid-season repairs, and rental of uniform pieces.

II. Chicora Voices provides the following uniform pieces:

Chicora Voices Polo Shirt (all choirs)

White dress shirt (Cadet, Prelude, Boys, and Young Men)

Black skort (Prelude)

Black pants (Cadet, Boys, Young Men)

Vest and Tie (Boys, Young Men)

Coat (Young Men)

Dress (Girls, Young Women)

Pearl Necklace and/or Scarf (Young Women)

III. Care of Chicora Voices uniform pieces:

  • Please do not wear perfumes, colognes, or heavily scented deodorants with Chicora Voices uniform pieces.
  • All uniform pieces must be cleaned immediately following performances.
  • All Chicora Voices formal uniform pieces are the property of Chicora Voices. Please do not use the uniform for other events or programs, or alter them in any way or for any reason without consulting our uniform committee chairperson. All uniforms must be returned at the end of the season. Uniforms that are damaged and/or have not been cleaned will be subject to a fine.

III. Parents provide the following uniform pieces:

Khaki pants or skirt (for casual performances)

White undershirt (Cadet, Boys, Young Men)

Black dress socks (Cadet, Boys, Young Men)

Black tights (Prelude)

Black tights or hose (Girls, Young Women)

Black dress shoes (all choirs)

Casual Uniform

Each Chorister will be given a navy Chicora Voices polo.

Khakis are worn with the polo.

This uniform is worn at certain performances such as the Greenville Road Warriors game.